Electronic integrated markets (EIPV)
Solar technology has become increasingly popular in our everyday lives. The reduction of carbon emissions and ending reliance on fossil fuels is critical. CIGS Solar's innovative solar technology unlocks the possibilities and economics of solar power integration. Our best-in-class lightweight, flexible and high-performance solar technology integrates into many different product applications offering a better overall solution for companies looking to offer green, solar-integrated products. 

We are a technology enabler for manufacturers and integrators to offer a multitude of solar energy consumer electronic products, including solar-powered cell phones, solar-powered bags with battery chargers, laptop computers, iPods®, tents, and many more. And CIGS solar modules offer the greatest power density (power per space) compared to other available technologies, improving the economics of solar integration.



Today's military and defense forces require supreme flexibility both on and off the field. Solar power provides exactly the kind of alternative energy source needed for successful on-site operations. CIGS Solar is the only company to manufacture solar technology on plastic substrates. Not only does this help create the lightest weight products, but it also completely eliminates the use of glass, providing the extreme product durability critical in military products.


● Custom Solutions
When designing custom solar products, energy efficiency is extremely important. Today custom solar products are in high demand, and providing designers with high performance solar technologies is the key to their success. CIGS Solar's technology is a break-through solution for easily integrating solar power into custom products. CIGS Solar's thin-film solar technology in its flexible, high-efficiency and lightweight form factor easily integrates into various applications to supply supplemental energy for countless custom products.


● Transportation
CIGS Solar's technology allows for easy integration of solar power into vehicles. Our thin-film modules are the only ones manufactured onto plastic substrates. This provides the greatest flexibility so they can be easily integrated into custom products for the transportation market.
Our visionary team works alongside our customers to make innovative, environmental-friendly, solar-powered products a reality. The lightweight, yet durable thin-film lends itself to solar energy applications for a variety of innovative industries, the biggest of which is automotive/transportation.
Imagine a next-generation car where all the supplementary power is supplied by solar... or bus drivers who can warm or cool their passenger compartments without starting the engine... 
Integrating solar power into existing and future products can reduce the cost associated with operations while also helping to preserve the environment. Contact us today and let us give power to your ideas.


● Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
With today's rising energy costs and pressure to reduce carbon emissions, architects, building designers and construction planners are putting more focus on the integration of solar technology into their choice of building materials. 

CIGS Solar provides a new way to integrate lightweight, flexible, high-efficiency solar modules into building materials to achieve cost-effective, high-performance solar solutions. Our built-to-last solar laminates for roofing and shading applications decrease energy costs and provide a clean, renewable source of power.