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Electrical Specifications (Measured under Standard Test Conditions)
Nominal Power (Pmax in Watts):4.5
Voltage at Pmax (Vmp in Volts):18.5
Current at Pmax (Imp in milliamps):243
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc in Volts):25.5
Short Circuit Current (Isc in milliamps):295
Power Tolerance not to exceed:±10%
Electrical Tolerance not to exceed:±10%
Extemal Dimensions
Length:370 ±5 mm
Width:202 ±5 mm
Weight:115g (4-ounces)
Temperature Coefficients
Power:-0.50%/oC (±10%)
Vmp:0.51%/oC (±10%)
Imp:+0.01%/oC (±10%)
Voc:-0.42%/oC (±10%)
Isc:+0.03%/oC (±10%)
   Specifications Subject to Change
   Standard Test Conditions:25oC,1kW/m2,AM1.5

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